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You are our priority.  Making efficacious skincare products is what we do.  We believe in the beauty and power of nature.  We also believe our products will leave you feeling your sexiest, most confident self.  Everyone on my team is here to make sure you are happy!  Our mission is to give you more than you expect, from our customer service team, to the delightful, radiant, beautiful skin you are now in.  When you nourish yourself with Jeffrey James Botanicals you will absolutely feel the difference.  Thank you for believing in us.                                                        ~Jeffrey James

I founded this company a decade ago.  It was born from necessity.  I wanted something better for myself and better for you.  As a customer we deserve better!  I have used my own products every day for 10 years and not a day or night goes by without my skin feeling nourished, hydrated and loved.  I know the depth of dedication my team goes to deliver stunning results.  The ingredients we chose redefine what is possible.  Our products are unique, they not only are constantly working to feed your skin what I call high-end, organic vitamins, but the texture and scent will leave you always coming back for more.  You should expect more.  I do.

I take great care of myself because I am always pushing myself further. I am so passionate about living a big, huge, romantic life because my heart wants to inspire you to live your best life! It also inspires me when I travel. I love adventure. Whenever I get outside of my comfort zone, great things tend to happen and it always makes me want to create.  The vibrancy of a new city, the roar of a new wave or waterfall gives me the courage to take the leap!

Dominical, Costa Rica

Sitka, Alaska

Sayulita, Mexico

San Sebastian, Spain

So this is my manifesto to you, conquer whatever fear is holding you back, acknowledge it, then go after your dreams anyway. 

This is a life worth living! A courageous, adventurous and exciting one indeed.  All love and good champagne. Cheers! ~ JJ