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Ready Set Glow

Beautiful skin begins with great skincare, great skincare begins
with Jeffrey James Botanicals. Hailed by top dermatologists for its
organic purity, this sophisticated, yet simplified 12 product line is
sure to give you healthy, sexy, beautiful, radiant skin.

Exfoliate - gently resurface while revealing new healthy skin.
Antioxidants feed your skin, bamboo olive and jojoba remove dry, dead
skin cells. Skin is fresh, beautiful, radiant and ready for the next step.

Firm and hydrate - not all serums are created equal. The Firm gives an
instant face lift sensation, improved hydration, fine lines begin to diminish.
Rich in Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin C, antioxidants feed and nourish.
Skin is visibly more smooth, soft and supple to the touch.

Finish beautifully with The Creme. Lovingly nicknamed “Hallelujah Creme”,
moisture is restored, vibrant, radiant skin revealed. Rich butters,
non-comedogenic oils, and bursting with antioxidants. Apply make-up and
get ready to dazzle. Everyone will want what you have!

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