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Refresh and Renew


Beautiful skin begins with great skincare, great skincare begins with Jeffrey James Botanicals. 3 simple steps to your weekly cleansing routine that will hydrate, refresh and bring out your youthful glow!

Wash - a daily cleanser that cleans without stripping skin.  The power of nature, enzymatic properties of ocean minerals, hydrating aloe and rosehip seed, MSM and so much more.  Sulfate free and blissfully hydrating.

Exfoliate - gently resurface 2-3 times per week, revealing your radiant glow.
Antioxidants feed your skin, bamboo olive and jojoba remove dry, dead
skin cells. Skin is fresh, beautiful, radiant and ready for the next step.

Mask - nothing says detox like a whipped raspberry mud mask.  This 1-2 times per week souffle hydrates, exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.


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