February 13, 2020 2 min read


Have you been wondering how to layer serums but not sure about the order? Here's a great tip for layering and some tips for your Jeffrey James Botanicals serums.⠀

1- Begin with freshly cleansed skin. The ONLY product you should apply before a serum is a Toner. ⠀

2 - Start with the lightest (thinnest) serum, that contains the least amount of oils. In our set, The Light has the lightest texture and least amount of skin loving plant based oils. Apply, allow 15-30 seconds to absorb.⠀

3- Next, apply serums high in Hyaluronic Acid, for us this is The Serum. Juicy, plump hydration. Again, allow 15-30 seconds to absorb.⠀

4 - Finish with serums rich in hydration and those that contain any plant or seed oils. This adds an additional layer of hydration, nutrition and barrier protection. Oils also feed and nourish the outer layers of your skin. The Firm is rich in hydration and fruit seed oils, omega fatty acids, natural vitamins A,E,C,D, & K. Beautiful hydration and skin loving nutrition.⠀

[If you prefer to use The Light and The Serum, begin with The Light.]⠀
. [If you prefer to use The Serum and The Firm, begin with The Serum. You get the groove.]

Serums deliver!

Serums are one of the most effective vehicles for delivering much needed nutrition, antioxidants and hydration to your skin.  With so many wonderful benefits from each serum, layering allows you to create more of a super serum.

Layering serums from other brands.

If you plan to layer serums from different brands, we always recommend you test a small portion first before applying to your entire face.  The lower area of your cheek, above your jaw line is a great area for a test.  Start slow with just 2 serums and work you way through. 

Keep the routine light and easy.

Remember the more steps you create and the more complicated the routine, the less likely you are to follow a consistent routine.

You're all set!  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Contact us via phone, email, messenger, IG DM or FB DM.  We love to help!