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Marketplace Sellers

Jeffrey James Botanicals believes that you should have an incredible buying and usage experience no matter where you make your purchase.  That begins with trust.  We have invested years into our vendor partners so that you can feel confident in your purchase.  Below is a list of Vendor Partners who are Authorized to sell Jeffrey James Botanicals products on 3rd party sites in the US and abroad.

Authorized 3rd Party Marketplace Sellers:

Jeffrey James LLC

Jeffrey James Botanicals

As of January 1, 2020, we no longer authorize the sale of our products on 3rd party marketplace sites without expressed written authorization by Jeffrey James LLC, Jeffrey James Botanicals.

If a company name, apart from Jeffrey James Botanicals, Jeffrey James LLC is listed above, said company will stock and sell authentic Jeffrey James Botanicals products on 3rd party marketplace sites.  All products are shipped direct from our warehouses to theirs and then shipped to you.  We have complete confidence in their ability to provide you with the best service and timely delivery of your products.  If a seller on a 3rd party marketplace site is not listed above, they are not authorized by Jeffrey James LLC,  to sell Jeffrey James Botanicals products on 3rd Party Marketplace sites, and they are not receiving products direct from our warehouses, therefore we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the product.

Our goal is for you to shop with confidence where it is most convenient for you, whether that is online, in a retail store or on a 3rd party site.   If you have any questions about an authorized seller or the authenticity of a Jeffrey James Botanicals product, please send an email to

We do not issue refunds for products that are sold on other vendor sites.

What is a 3rd Party Marketplace?  These are high profile shopping sites where you can find just about any product, sold by just about anyone.  They may have well known names, but even for some that have retail locations, the 3rd party marketplace is a space that is not a brand only vendor space that would be approved by a retail buyer.  Product purchased at retail and then resold online is not the experience we want for you!  Always look here for a Jeffrey James LLC authorized seller on these platforms.  You deserve the very best.