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We have made the process of subscribing to products simple.  Go to the product page, initiate the subscription by clicking on Join The VIP Experience, select your shipment frequency, add to cart and head to checkout.  If you want to receive shipments of multiple products and even on different shipment cycles, you can set up each product as you add to cart.  Manage your shipments and payments, or cancel anytime using your "My Account".

You will receive your shipment on the shipping cycle interval you choose.  Cancel any time.

Choose one product.

Or choose multiple products.

Select your products.  Add to cart, and head to the checkout.  You can subscribe & save with one or multiple products.


Select how often you want to receive shipments on each product when you select Subscribe & Save.  


Remove products, skip or cancel easily from your My Account.  Add new products at checkout, or cancel existing anytime.


What CUSTOMERS Say About Us

I have been a subscriber of Jeffrey James since 2015 after I bought my first set from the Today Show.  Being able to customize my shipments is wonderful.  I love my Jeffrey James shipments.

Pam F., Rhode Island 

I had one of the original J2 subscriptions.  It was always exciting to see what they sent me.  This new option allows me to choose my products and frequency!  It saves me time and I never run out of product.

Jacqueline R., Santa Monica, CA

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