7 Ways to use Serums

1.   Apply to face

2. Apply to neck, back of neck and decollate 

3. Ear lobes.  That's right, your precious ear lobes and all the area around and behind your ears deserves some extra hydration and nutrition

4. The back of your hands.  Performing the same routine on the backs of your hands, just as you do your face can improve the look and feel of hands...and erase away the years revealing a younger looking skin. 

5. Spot treat stubborn lines or deep wrinkles.  The "H" zone and forehead would love a little extra fill in here and there to boost hydration.

6. Under eyes.  Serums are excellent vehicles to deliver nutrients.  Your eye area loves all the nutrition it can handle.  Brow line and light across the eye lid.

7. Elbows, knees and toes.  These areas also are prone to dehydration and can show signs of aging.